I wanna pay tribute to what I consider to be one of THE best albums ever done, Brandy’s Full Moon!

I hate that this album never got the attention it deserved because in my opinion, it was Brandy’s best work. Every single track was ridiculous and I mean that in a good way. Brandy’s vocals – which are always amazing were at their most amazingest! and yes, I know that I just made up a word but when you have music this good there are no real words to describe it. From the first track to the last Brandy took us on highs and lows singing about love found, love lost, love betrayed and love I’m sick of your shit! I never skip a song when I’m listening to this off-the-chain work of art. I sometimes wish that Brandy would re-release Full Moon so that it can get the full attention it deserved from day one. Here’s to you, Brandy and thank you and everyone who had a hand in making this incredible album! Click the pic and treat your ears!



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